The following quotes are from McPartland’s site on Amazon.com

The Holy City

Songs of Deep Inspiration!!!

Reviewer Roy Young of Ooltewah, TN USA

“I’m not a professional musician at all, but I can appreciate a great singer when I hear one. I’ve never heard of this particular artist, but I am very very impressed. The song itself, The Holy City…is one I first heard in church when I was 13 years old (I’m now 50) and it blew me away then and still does today. This artist can really sing this song in such a way that also blows me away. This has to be an extremely hard song to sing, therefore I really admire anybody who can sing it as well as this artist. I bought the CD and can’t wait to receive it.”

Songs of Bonnie Scotland

Reviewer Tom Gervat from NJ USA

“Flawless” with incredible arrangements and spectacular singing…one of the best of the hundreds of Scottish recordings I’ve listened to over the years!”

Maire My Girl

Reviewer from Cincinnati, OH USA

“McPartland provides a touching rendition of a John Keegan Casey poem, made all the more touching to me personally since, when my father made a toast to my mother on their golden anniversary last month, he quoted this romantic poem in drawing parallels to his life with my mother over the past 50 years. McPartland’s voice, ranging from tender to powerfully dramatic, provides a fitting expression of the longing and admiration inherent in the lyric.”

A Little Bit of Heaven

Reviewer Kathleen Skae of NY USA

“A Little Bit of Heaven” this album sure is! The ending on “Danny Boy” is as unique as it is spectacular. Of course, everybody loves ‘I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen’ which is among the top five all-time Irish songs.”

Sacred Songs

Reviewer Tom Gervat from NJ USA

“My specialty is sacred music and hymns, and few people can sing them like Joe. Where else can you hear an old Catholic favorite Easter hymn like ‘Let the Holy Anthem Rise’ followed by a grand old revival hymn like ‘When the Roll is Called Up Yonder’? This CD is definitely unique and a blessing to listen to!”

The following quotes are from McPartland’s guest book. The guests are commenting on the recording, Bless this House

The music as well as the voice is absolutely fantastic! — Jenal from Douglasville, GA USA

Absolutely stupendous. — Valentino from Margao, India

Love the site, Love the songs — Jacqueline from Australia

The voice is beautiful and strong! — Peter Schoonen from Lower Creek, Australia

Thank you for the pleasure of your music! You have a beautiful Voice! — Ramon Nieuwhart from Oirsbeek, Limburg The Netherlands

I love this song, and your version sounds beautiful! — Jan Melton, USA

I think that the sound of your voice is like heaven itself. —Mary Bellcourt Manchester, NH USA

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